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This is where you should live if you want the fastest Internet speed in the country

Internet speed. It’s one of those things that people don’t pay much attention to when it’s fast, but it’s the worst thing in the world when it’s slow.

If you want the fastest average Internet speed in the United States, data collected in Akami’s “State of the Internet” report and summarized by Broadview Networks suggest that you move to the Old Dominion State, otherwise known as Virginia. Virginians, according to “State by State Breakdown” created by Broadview Networks, enjoy an average Q1 2014 Internet speed of 13.7 Mbps.

If you’re constantly frustrated by having to deal with a slow Internet, then the data suggest that you might live in Montana, Kentucky, Arkansas or Alaska. Alaska has the U.S.’s slowest Q1 2014 Internet speed at 7 Mbps. The other three states are tied for second worst Internet speed with an average Q1 2014 Internet speed of 7.3 Mbps.

If you can’t stand Virginia, but you want to live in state where the Internet is faster than in most states, the data suggest that you move to Delaware or Massachusetts. Both states tied for second with an average Q1 2014 Internet speed of 13.1 Mbps.

In general, East Coast states enjoy the fastest average Internet speed, while states in the Midwest and in the South deal with the slowest average Internet speed.