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Woman suffering from a hernia, delivers 10-pound baby instead

February 16, 2013

Woman suffering from a hernia, delivers 10-pound baby instead

Surprise births are more common than one thinks, says doctor.

Linda Ackley went to the hospital last Friday for a CT scan to examine what she thought was a painful hernia, according to ABC News. When an initial scan revealed she was pregnant, Ackley was informed that she would deliver a baby in several weeks. However, a second scan revealed that the baby needed to be delivered immediately. Ackley’s 10-pound baby was delivered that night.

Ackley told the Jackson Citizen Patriot that her new baby, named Kimberly Kay, is her “miracle child.” She and her husband, Mike, were previously told that they could not have children. Mike told the Patriot¬†that he wishes someone would have snapped a picture of his face when he was told that he had become a father.

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