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Watch robots play soccer at RoboCup 2013 [VIDEO]

Ross Cronkrite | Science Recorder | June 30, 2013

Watch robots play soccer at RoboCup 2013 [VIDEO]

The dream of RoboCup Soccer is to defeat the world champions by 2050.

If you love soccer and robotic technology, then RoboCup 2013 might be the perfect event for you. Thousands of RoboCup enthusiasts and more than a thousand soccer-playing robots arrived in Eindhoven this week to witness the marriage of sports and technology. According to RoboCup’s website, setup for the event began on Monday and competition began on Thursday and lasted until Sunday.

Citing RoboCup 2013 tournament director Rene van de Molengraft, The Telegraph reports that the soccer-playing robots might be affordable for wealthy soccer fans. In fact, the standard platform robot costs $5,000 when purchased in bulk. However, the adult-size robot costs $35,000 or more. With 11 players to a side, this means that someone would have to drop $770,000 to have two teams of soccer-playing robots.

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