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Teen moms likely to struggle with obesity later in life, finds study

April 20, 2013

Teen moms likely to struggle with obesity later in life, finds study

Teen pregnancy rates in the U.S. are some of the highest in the developed world.

Many of us have watched a few minutes of the hit MTV show “Teen Mom” and felt some sympathy for the situation that young women find themselves facing. While the show has revealed many of the pitfalls of being teen mom, including troubles with relationships and financial struggles, there’s one long-term health issue that watching the show won’t reveal: the link between teen pregnancy and obesity.

Now, researchers from the University of Michigan Health System have discovered a link between teen moms and a higher risk of obesity later in life. This is the first study to reveal teen pregnancy as a predictor of obesity. Prior to this study, a myth existed among the general public that teen moms are more likely to shed their baby weight after giving birth because of their age.

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