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Crisis in the Andes: 1,600 years of ice melts in just 25 years

Rick Docksai | Science Recorder | April 06, 2013

Crisis in the Andes: 1,600 years of ice melts in just 25 years

Glaciers continue to melt, according to the latest study.

It’s a stunning development in the world of climate change. Masses of ice that took South America’s Andes mountain range 1,600 years to form have reportedly melted in full in the last 25 years, another consequence of warming temperatures worldwide, according to a study published April 4 in the journal Science.

The study, led by Ohio State University glaciologist Lonnie Thompson, documents the massive ice loss that the Quelccaya ice cap in Peru has suffered in recent decades. The formation, they report, is now the smallest it has been in 5,200 years.

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