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Study suggests a massive comet killed dinosaurs, not an asteroid

Rick Docksai | Science Recorder | March 23, 2013

Study suggests a massive comet killed dinosaurs, not an asteroid

Did a comet kill off the dinosaurs?

The story of dinosaur extinction may be wrong, if a new scientific study of the Chicxulub crater in Mexico proves correct. The study’s authors argue that it wasn’t an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs off, but rather a comet.

The study, led by lead author Jason Moore, a paleoecologist at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, bases its conclusions on an analysis of  series of rock collected at the Chicxulub site. Many scientists peg this 112-mile-wide crater as the site of the infamous collision from space that resulted, some 65 million years ago, in the destruction of most of the prehistoric Earth’s large reptiles and 70 percent of all animal species on the planet at the time — including the dinosaurs.

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