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Study: Solar geoengineering may offset Arctic sea ice loss

Kramer Phillips | @KramerPhillips| December 11, 2012

Study: Solar geoengineering may offset Arctic sea ice loss

A new way to save sea ice?

According to a study published by Harvard scientists in the November issue of the journal Nature Climate Change, solar geoengineering may be able to offset rapidly disappearing sea ice in the Arctic—great news for polar bears and other inhabitants of planet Earth.

Solar geoengineering, the primary goal of which is to off-set global warming caused by greenhouse gases, involves the reflection of solar energy back into space. This newest model of solar geoengineering uses increased concentrations of aerosols in the stratosphere or low-altitude marine clouds to achieve this effect. Geoengineering has been criticized in the past as having potentially unequal global effects and unforeseen consequences. However, with this new study, the risk is minimized for the maximum gain.

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