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Study shows correlation between language and altitude

June 13, 2013

Study shows correlation between language and altitude

Does altitude influence speech?

Spread throughout the animal kingdom, squawks, roars, chirps and many other unusual sounds fill the planet with life. In some way or another, all social animals communicate with each other instinctively. On the other hand, humans are the only species that communicate by organizational sounds, meanings and gestures on a rational basis.

There are a little less than 7,000 languages spoken throughout the world, and just recently, an anthropologist at the University of Miami may have found a correlation between altitude and how a language is spoken. Published in in the June 12 edition of PLOS ONE, associate professor of anthropology Caleb Everett found that while studying about 600 languages throughout the world, languages that include ejective consonants are mainly spoken at higher altitudes.

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