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Scientists discover the secret behind bacon’s tantalizing aroma

Jonathan Marker | Science Recorder | May 27, 2014

Scientists discover the secret behind bacon’s tantalizing aroma

The thermal breakdown of fats in the bacon adds the explosive grease to the pan, and helps drive the smoky aroma that draws us in.

Ah, bacon: That crunchy, salty, delicious treat whose tantalizing smell invades our nostrils and beckons us to the frying pan with curling wisps of smoky goodness.  Teetering on the razor’s edge of now-you’ve-gone-too-far, bacon enthusiasts have created such crazy concoctions as bacon-scented cologne, bacon-flavored floss, bacon-scented candles and even bacon mayonnaise.  With its catchy title “BACONLUBE: Keep It Sizzlin’,” the personal lubricant leaves nothing to the imagination as to just how far we as a society have taken the love affair with bacon.

But what makes bacon so desirable?

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