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Researchers discover new species of scorpion in southern Arizona

February 20, 2013

Researchers discover new species of scorpion in southern Arizona

New species of scorpion is a “prime example of the amazing diversity of life still to be discovered.”

U.S. biologists have discovered a new species of scorpion. Vaejovis brysoni was located in the Santa Catalina Mountains in southern Arizona. Another scorpion of the same group also lives in this mountain range, according to U.S. biologists. This is the first documented case of two vorhiesi group species inhabiting the same mountain range.

“Recent collecting in the Santa Catalina along the transition zone between desert grassland and pine-oak forest revealed a distinct second species of Vaejovis vorhiesi group scorpion. Here we describe this new species, which represents the first record of two vorhiesi group species inhabiting the same mountain range,” write the authors in the study’s introduction.

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