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Potential treatment reduces ‘bad’ cholesterol levels by 61 percent

Ross Cronkrite | Science Recorder | September 01, 2014

Potential treatment reduces ‘bad’ cholesterol levels by 61 percent

More than 70 million Americans have high levels of LDL-C.

A potential treatment, called alirocumab, revealed a 61 percent reduction in LDL-C compared to placebo at 24 weeks in the Odyssey Long Term trial, Regeneron and Sanofi announced Sunday.

“Across these four trials, alirocumab showed significant and sustained reductions in LDL-C over one year on top of standard-of-care statin therapy across different patient types,” noted Dr. Jennifer Robinson, Director of the Prevention Intervention Center at the University of Iowa. “We are also encouraged by the consistent safety profile across the trials, including in Odyssey Long Term, the largest Phase 3 trial of a PCSK9 inhibitor, with the longest follow-up period reported to date.”

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