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PETA: Florida python hunt, decapitation contest is ‘despicably cruel’

January 19, 2013

PETA: Florida python hunt, decapitation contest is ‘despicably cruel’

A hunting challenge seeks to curb Florida’s python problem.

Nearly 800 hunters from across the country have headed into the Florida Everglades this past week, hunting an unusual and exotic prey– the Burmese python. Since the month-long “Python Challenge” began last Saturday, 21 snakes have been confirmed killed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, prompting complaints from PETA and other animal rights groups.

Experienced and diligent snake hunters can claim prizes of $1500 for the most snakes killed, and $1000 for the largest. The largest could prove to be well over 20 feet long, since the animal typically reaches 17 feet as an adult. Be it for the money, the thrill, or the contest’s intended purpose, participants have flown in from over 30 different states, from California to Michigan.

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