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NOAA: Arctic will be free of ice within 20 years

Rick Docksai | Science Recorder | April 13, 2013

NOAA: Arctic will be free of ice within 20 years

A new report suggest global warming may lead the Arctic iceless sooner than we thought.

Before long, the Arctic will be spending its summers as temperate and ice-free as the rest of the globe, a state of affairs not seen at any time in human history. Whereas the region has always undergone some ice melt during spring and summer—with re-freezing of that melted ice always following in fall and winter—the Arctic will cease to have any ice at all, save for some residual summer ice that will continue to form near Greenland and Canada’s Arctic islands. Furthermore, this stark transformation could come about in just another 10 or 20 years.

That is the forecast of a study that was published February 21, 2013, in the online journal Geophysical Research Letters.

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