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NASA’s strange robotic suit could pave way to Mars, make astronauts safe

December 11, 2012

NASA’s strange robotic suit could pave way to Mars, make astronauts safe

A robotic exoskeleton developed as a spin-off from NASA’s Robonaut 2 project could help astronauts stay healthier in space.

NASA, along with other research groups, has reportedly developed a robotic suit that can be worn in outer space or on earth. The suit, which has been named X1, has been created to act as an exercise machine for astronauts by increasing leg resistance to keep muscles strong in orbit. Here on earth, the researchers have proposed that the suit could be used to help paraplegic patients stand and walk.

Nic Radford, who used to work on NASA’s exoskeleton research and now studies humanoid robots, confirmed that it is, indeed, the exact same suit that can be used for both goals. He said the X1 suit is just one example of exciting technological developments from NASA’s Robonaut Project, which sent a robot to help out at the International Space Station last year.

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