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NASA requests $100 million for asteroid-capture scheme

Delila James | Science Recorder | March 30, 2013

NASA requests $100 million for asteroid-capture scheme

NASA proposes capturing asteroids.

NASA has reportedly submitted its budget for the 2014 fiscal year and it will include a $100 million line item for a mission to capture an asteroid and reposition it near the moon. According to the submitted budget, once the asteroid is relocated, NASA scientists will study it before sending astronauts to visit its surface.

A report by the Keck Institute for Space Studies, which developed the proposal, sets forth plans for the robotic mission to find and nab a Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) that is approximately 25 feet (7 meters) in diameter with a mass of approximately 500,000 kg (551 tons). The sought after asteroid would be a C-type or carbonaceous asteroid with the consistency of a “dried mudball.”

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