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NASA: Moon was likely bombarded by intense impacts

December 07, 2012

NASA: Moon was likely bombarded by intense impacts

NASA’s GRAIL captures detailed photos of moon.

A pair of NASA spacecrafts have recently found evidence that the moon and some planets in the sun’s solar system were hit by a series of intense impacts. Although scientists knew these rocky bodies had been hit in the past, the new findings have revealed that the impart may have been much more violent than previously found.

The new findings were made by the Grail probes, a twin set of probes from NASA. The probed have developed an extremely detailed gravity map of the moon, which has shown that the crust is almost completely gone. Scientists this may be due to ** billions of years ago. Although studies have not been done yet, these findings suggest that Earth, Mercury, Venus, and Mars may have gone though a similar ordeal.

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