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NASA funds development of 3D pizza printer

June 15, 2013

NASA funds development of 3D pizza printer

It might seem like science fiction, but real food has already been printed from 3D printers.

Creating hope among astronauts of yummy future food choices, NASA has allocated $125,000 to Anjan Contractor of Texas to develop a 3D printer that will print actual food. The new innovation would increase food choices that astronauts on the International Space Station and other manned missions, including a future trip to Mars, have when they are in space.

The difficulty with sending astronauts different foods in space is that they must have a long shelf life since it is not possible to restock very often. For the most part, food must have ¬†a shelf life of 17 years to be sent into space. Contractor’s printer would solve this problem by putting the ingredients and nutrients into powdered form, he explained to Quartz. By doing so, he would be able to increase the shelf life of the food to approximately 30 years.

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