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Bacteria discovered in Mars-like environment of Tinto River

Ross Cronkrite | Science Recorder | January 12, 2013

Bacteria discovered in Mars-like environment of Tinto River

Researchers find bacteria in the Mars-like conditions of the Tinto River in Spain.

Researchers at the Centre of Astrobiology have made a discovery that is worthy of Curiosity’s full attention. They recently identified microorganisms that live inside salt deposits in the Mars-like environment of the Tinto River in Huelva, Spain. Researchers believe that the conditions of these salt deposits are similar to those on Mars and Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

Radiation, lack of moisture and extreme temperature and pressure on the surface of the Red Planet make it a tough environment for the development of life, say scientists. Mars’ salt deposits are one of the locations where scientists think life might have a shot at developing

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