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Graphene is now officially the strongest thinnest material on Earth

Delila James | Science Recorder | December 07, 2013

Graphene is now officially the strongest thinnest material on Earth

Graphene is now the strongest thinnest material on Earth, according to NIST.

Graphene is amazing stuff. The one-atom-thick carbon-based material is not only the strongest, lightest material in the world, it’s completely flexible and can conduct electricity at least as well as copper. Discovered just over a decade ago, this remarkable material could revolutionize the way electronic devices are manufactured and used–and promises everything from faster internet speeds to improved smart phones to more efficient bioelectric sensory devices.

Up to now, however, the graphene revolution has been purely hypothetical. This is because scientists couldn’t find the right substance to use as a substrate, or supporting material, for the graphene–a substance that would have to survive the high temperatures needed for graphene growth.

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