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Extensive use of antibiotics in agriculture creating public health crisis

Jonathan Marker | Science Recorder | December 26, 2013

Extensive use of antibiotics in agriculture creating public health crisis

While the vast majority of antibiotic use has gone towards increasing productivity in agriculture, the researcher asserts that most of these applications are of “low value.”

According to a December 25 news release from the University of Calgary, researchers say that the extensive use of antibiotics in agriculture and aquaculture industries poses a significant threat to public health.  Aidan Hollis, an economics professor at the university, advocates the use of user fees on non-human use of antibiotics as a means to counter this public health problem.

In a new research paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Hollis and coauthor Ziana Ahmed report that in the United States 80 percent of the antibiotics in the country are consumed in agriculture and aquaculture for swelling food production.

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