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DARPA to deploy deep sea drones that surface on command

January 16, 2013

DARPA to deploy deep sea drones that surface on command

DARPA to deploy deep sea drones to surface with the Upwards Falling Payloads program.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced this week this it plans to deploy deep sea drones that surface on command. With fewer weapons systems and war-fighting platforms due to budget and complexity issues, the NAVY has to get creative to stay competitive on the battlefield. The best way to deal with these constraints is to rely on unmanned systems. DARPA’s latest technological innovation, the Upward Falling Payloads program, will try to address the issue of system delivery in unmanned environments.

The Upward Falling Payloads program would allow unmanned drones to sit at the bottom of the ocean floor in special containers for years at a time. When the drones are needed for operational or tactical purposes, commands for them to wake up could be sent remotely. As always, DARPA wants to rise to the challenge of keeping these unmanned systems safe under extreme ocean pressure.

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