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Chris Hadfield releases stunning video of a washcloth in space

Rick Docksai | Science Recorder | April 23, 2013

Chris Hadfield releases stunning video of a washcloth in space

Hadfield releases stunning video.

Even the most mundane things change when you’re living in the low-gravity environment of space. For instance, a washcloth doesn’t act like a washcloth. Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut, demonstrated this in an April 21 video that he shot from within the International Space Station, where he is currently station.

The Canadian Space Agency released the video onto YouTube, after which it became a very quick hit—4,633,815 views as of April 22, 9 p.m. In the video, Hadfield unseals a hockey-puck-shaped object that unfurls into a washcloth. He proceeds to douse it with water from a water bag—that is to say, he has the water bag douse it, since the water shoots out of the bottle onto the cloth as soon as he opens the bottle’s lid.

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