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Child ‘cured’ of HIV still virus free, doctors say

October 26, 2013

Child ‘cured’ of HIV still virus free, doctors say

Doctors are cautiously optimistic that with more testing, they might be able to spare children the pain of living with HIV.

HIV is an incredibly aggressive virus that eventually turns into AIDS. Scientists and doctors have been working together to create better ways to treat the virus, as current treatment involves a cocktail of drugs taken on a regular basis to keep the disease at bay. However, no cure has been found.

Doctors for a three-year-old Mississippi girl, however, are claiming that despite being born with the disease she is still disease-free, raising questions about the future of HIV treatment. Immunologist Dr. Katherine Luzuriaga, of the University of Massachusetts Medical School, is part of the research team tracking the case, which is of huge interest to doctors searching for a cure. While doctors are hesitant to say that the child has been fully cured, the virus does not appear to be present in her system, according to recent tests, Web MD reports.

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