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Astronaut speaks out on space-walk partner’s space-suit malfunction

Rick Docksai | Science Recorder | July 31, 2013

Astronaut speaks out on space-walk partner’s space-suit malfunction

NASA examines how an astronaut almost drowned during a spacewalk.

An astronaut spacewalking outside the International Space Station had to cut his spacewalk short after he suffered a malfunction that NASA says it has never seen before: His helmet had started filling with water. While NASA engineers have not yet determined exactly how this malfunction happened, one NASA astronaut who was on the same space-walk exercise has come up with his own explanation and publicized it in a video.

The leakage had occurred to Luca Parmitano, an Italian astronaut sent to the ISS by the European Space Agency, during a July 16 exercise. He and NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy were 1.5 hours into what was supposed to be a 6.5-hour spacewalk when Parmitano reported via the intercom that his head suddenly felt very wet.

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