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30000 angry bees attack Texas couple, kill horses

July 29, 2013

30000 angry bees attack Texas couple, kill horses

Samples were taken and testing is being conducted to determine whether the bees were Africanized bees, which are known for their aggressive behavior.

A couple in Pantego, Texas, was attacked by bees on Wednesday, leading to the loss of two beloved horses. The bees had been flying around the area for a couple of weeks, living in the shed of their rental property, but resident Kristen Beauregard had been unable to get rid of them, despite numerous attempts to eliminate them. On Wednesday, Beauregard was exercising a miniature show horse named Trump when the bees randomly attacked her, her boyfriend, and two miniature horses along with several chickens and the couple’s dog. The bees swarmed for no apparent reason, stinging the couple and the horses multiple times, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.

To escape the bees, Beauregard jumped in the pool and Trump followed. Beauregard was stung over 200 times, but her main concern was finding a way to excape the swarm of bees. Beauregard described the bee swarm as being so black that it appeared like it was night outside the water in the pool. She managed to make it back inside the house and her boyfriend called 911 as the bees hit the windows, trying to follow her.

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