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Emerging economies enforce climate laws

Nearly 500 laws have been passed in nations around the world to control climate change, with developing economies led by Mexico and China advancing the most since last year, according to a study by Globe International.

Approximately 62 of the 66 nations studied have either passed or are pushing for compelling climate or energy-relevant laws. Today, Globe reported that Venezuela, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Canada need ‘’flagship’’ legislation, according to the group of international lawmakers.

Improvement in passing laws is essential in the battle to decrease polluting greenhouse gases because the countries examined account for 88 percent of world emissions. Domestic action is necessary to help protect an international agreement to battle global warming because it helps instill trust between countries.

“The climate-change negotiations have been mired down because of the difficulties of getting 194 countries to agree,” said U.K. Lawmaker Caroline Spelman. “You’ve got to have sufficient enough countries passing national legislation in order to get some traction”

Spelman participate in United Nations climate debates in South Africa in 2011, when involved nations agreed to develop a new global deal by 2015 that would begin in 2020 and require action by all countries.

China remains the biggest emitter in the world and its greenhouse-gas output continues to rise. The nation has still not revealed when its emissions will climax. The 1997 Kyoto treaty only limits developed countries. The U.S. is the largest developed emitter and never upheld the agreement. It is now responsible for less than 15 percent of global emissions.

“It’s got to be more flexible than a prescriptive treaty to get people signed up,” Spelman said. “There’s some pragmatism coming in, not dictating to people precisely how they should approach tackling climate change.”

Sixty-one of the countries have passed laws to improve internal clean energy, 54 have agreed to boost energy efficiency, and 52 have passed laws to strengthen their adjustability to impacts of climate change, the study showed. Twenty advanced countries have legislated 194 climate laws from carbon estimates to emissions requirements for cars and insulation standards. Forty-six underdeveloped nations have 294 laws being enforced.

It looks like all around the world, we are making some progress regarding climate change.