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  • there is a small minority of Americans—about 15%—who still aren’t online.
    The Pew Research Center shows that some 15 percent of adult Americans are not using the Internet. This figure has not changed over the past two years. When Pew Research first began this study, they say that 15 percent is still substantially lower than in the year 2000. That [...]
  • Grain bins much like these modern ones, photographed in southern Africa, were ritually burned down during Africa's Iron Age. The scorched ground beneath them conserved rare clues about the Earth's magnetic field.
    During Africa's Iron Age, about 1,000 years ago, a common ritual of ancient villagers was to burn down huts and grain bins in their villages, leaving behind a key mineral in the ground that recorded the magnetic field of the Earth at the time of each burning. This phenomenon is offering insight into fluctuation of the field's intensity, its relation to the South Atlantic Anomaly, and the mysterious reversal of the magnetic poles. [...]

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