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Kramer Phillips
Kramer Phillips is the editor-in-chief of Science Recorder and its sister site, State Column. He is the founder of Science Recorder, so any problems with the site are his fault (all criticism is welcome). Contact
Delila James
Contributing author
Delila James practiced civil rights and employment law for almost 20 years. She also has a Master's degree in the History of Science. Before going to law school, she owned a popular live music nightclub in Madison, WI.
James Sullivan
Contributing author
James Sullivan is a contributing writer at Science Recorder, OMNI Reboot, and Brain World magazine.
Angelo Sayo
Contributing author
Angelo Sayo is a freelance writer from Los Angeles, California. A recent honors graduate of Louisiana State University, he has been reporting on the latest science and technology news for KPR Media since September 2014.
Chiamaka Nwakeze
Contributing author
Joe Chivers
Contributing author
Joe began working as a freelance journalist aged 19, and has since covered news stories of both national and international importance. When not in his office, he can usually be found either on the hunt for new stories or in a beachside bar in Southern Spain.
Joseph Scalise
Contributing author
Joseph Scalise is an experienced writer who has worked for many different online websites across many different mediums. While his background is mainly rooted in sports writing, he has also written and edited guides, ebooks, short stories and screenplays. In addition, he performs and writes poetry, and has won numerous contests. Joseph is a dedicated writer, sports lover and avid reader who covers all different topics, ranging from space exploration to his personal favorite science, microbiology.